Hemp Lawyer Chelsie Spencer Interviewed by Texas Cannabis Collective

Texas hemp lawyer Chelsie Spencer was recently interviewed by the Texas Cannabis Collective for its article “What You Need to Know about Hemp Legalization in Texas.” Texas Cannabis Collective is a Texas-based informational and educational media organization focusing on cannabis news in Texas and across the United States. In April of this year, Chelsie was interviewed on Texas’ hemp growth bill, HB 1325, prior to its passage by Texas Cannabis Collective. In the recent interview, Chelsie discusses the impact that HB 1325 will have here in Texas and practical problems she anticipates that may arise as the hemp-growth program begins implementation.

A Texas-Based Hemp and Cannabis Law Firm

After passage of Texas HB 1325, many Texas law firms are looking to expand into the cannabis and hemp practice areas. In the interview with Texas Cannabis Collective, Chelsie Spencer discusses the importance of vetting a hemp lawyer before retaining one. Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC was one of the first civil hemp and cannabis law firms in the state of Texas. Our cannabis and hemp lawyers have been published in numerous mediums and featured in national media. Our team speaks frequently across the United States on legal issues impacting the cannabis and hemp industries. Ritter Spencer Cheng’s hemp lawyers represent hemp industry clients across the nation from cultivators, extractors and processors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, research and testing facilities, and more.

For those of you already working in the hemp industry, you know that federal and state legislation and agency regulations are constantly changing. Those changes may impact your business. There are often special considerations for hemp and hemp-derivative businesses, such as obtaining required licensing, that hemp growers, manufacturers, and retailers must be aware of. Here in Texas, we anticipate the licensing forms and application process for cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers to open this Fall. If you need an experienced hemp or cannabis lawyer, please contact us.