New Small Business Reorganization Benefits

As we wade through the tumultuous fallout and turmoil from the coronavirus, small businesses face seemingly insurmountable economic burdens. Commercial bankruptcy attorney, David Ritter, explains what the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 entails and how it can benefit small businesses in this time of crisis.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCNew Small Business Reorganization Benefits
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How to Avoid Bankruptcy: Restructuring and Reorganizing Your Business

Debts build up, cash flow changes, economies rise and fall, and uncertainties increase, and entrepreneurs and business owners may need to reevaluate their financial standing accordingly. However, running into financial trouble does not necessarily mean that a company needs to close shop and declare bankruptcy. Restructuring and reorganization strategies developed by an experienced commercial bankruptcy attorney give business owners more flexibility in finding a solution with their creditors rather than declaring bankruptcy.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCHow to Avoid Bankruptcy: Restructuring and Reorganizing Your Business
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What an Economic Downturn Can Mean for Small Businesses

We are in an unprecedented global situation as COVID-19 makes an impact in every industry across the country and around the globe. The economic consequences of nationwide quarantines, business closings, and other measures to control the spread of this virus will not be fully understood for many months. However, it is clear that the impact of the coronavirus and the market trends that preceded this outbreak will affect the economy and result in an economic downturn and change in federal laws. It is essential that business owners understand the potential consequences of an economic downturn and work with a commercial bankruptcy attorney up to date in federal law to effectively prepare their companies.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCWhat an Economic Downturn Can Mean for Small Businesses
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