The cannabis industry is a rapidly evolving sector marked by a labyrinth of federal and state laws. For businesses operating in the cannabis and hemp industries, navigating this intricate legal landscape can be a formidable task. At Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC, we offer comprehensive legal services meticulously tailored to the unique needs of these businesses. Our managing partners, Chelsie Spencer and Richard Cheng, are  nationally recognized authorities in the field, renowned for their expertise in cannabis law, industrial hemp, and the development and compliance of CBD.


As seasoned cannabis business attorneys, we deeply understand the cannabis industry in Texas. Our team of cannabis lawyers is well-versed in federal and state regulations governing the cannabis and hemp industries. Our cannabis attorneys have helped craft effective cannabis policy across the nation. We have advised clients across myriad issues, from corporate formation and licensing to navigating the risks associated with cultivating, distributing, and manufacturing cannabis and hemp products. Our objective is to assist our clients in establishing and operating their businesses within the legal framework, ensuring compliance at every juncture. We have also worked closely with the United States Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies and continue to stay abreast of the latest developments and regulations affecting the cannabis industry.

Chelsie Spencer: A Recognized Authority in Cannabis Law

Chelsie Spencer, a managing partner, is a leading figure in Texas cannabis law. She has been recognized for her work in the cannabis and hemp industries, representing clients in every facet of these sectors. Chelsie’s practice focuses on licensing, regulatory compliance, and other business matters in the industry. She is also an experienced trademark attorney, managing worldwide trademark portfolios for her clients.

Chelsie has been dubbed the “rare friendly face amid a cutthroat CBD hurricane” by Forbes Magazine, and she is the person whose company you want on speed dial when things turn sour in the cannabis industry. She chairs the Amicus Committee for the International Cannabis Bar Association and is also the President of the Texas Hemp Legal Fund and Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Texas Cannabis Council.


Our team is proficient at interpreting and applying federal laws related to the cannabis industry. However, we also understand that state law plays a pivotal role in the operation of cannabis businesses. In Texas, for instance, the Texas Health and Safety Code governs the cultivation, manufacture, and sale of low-THC cannabis, often in the form of CBD oil. We take pride in advising clients on these specific regulations, ensuring their businesses operate within the confines of the law.  Compliance is of tantamount importance in the cannabis industry, and we’re here to help.


At Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC, we offer a broad spectrum of legal services tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis industry. These include advising clients on the legal aspects of financing their operations, specialized formation considerations, securing state licenses, and ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations. We also represent landlords, sellers, and investors in the cannabis industry, helping them navigate the legal challenges associated with this burgeoning sector.


Our firm is based in Dallas, TX, and we are proud to offer our clients a deep understanding of Texas-specific cannabis laws. We have helped draft cannabis legislation at both the federal and state levels and routinely advise the Texas legislature on crafting effective cannabis policies. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the hemp/CBD industry in Texas and are committed to helping our clients succeed in this dynamic market.


The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows qualifying patients suffering from certain conditions to receive recommendations for “low-THC cannabis .” Our attorneys are well-versed in the Act and can help you understand its implications for your cannabis dispensing organization. We can guide you through obtaining necessary licenses, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing legal issues.

Why Choose Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC?

Choosing the proper legal representation for your cannabis business is a critical decision. At Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC, the client comes first. We understand that your business and intellectual property are your most valuable assets. Our firm practices business law, trademarks, copyright, business disputes, bankruptcy and collections, and commercial litigation. We are heavily active throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across Texas, as well as nationwide.

Our attorneys, including Chelsie Spencer, utilize their extensive backgrounds in various industries to continuously provide direct, professional, and informed counsel. We approach legal needs and endeavors with the utmost consideration and creativity to deliver complete client satisfaction.


Our areas of practice span a range of industries and disciplines, from business and commercial litigation to copyright and hemp law. We remain heavily active throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as in nationwide cases and trials.


Our Dallas office is committed to serving the cannabis community in Texas. We frequently write, speak, and present on issues affecting the cannabis and hemp industry at conferences and forums across the United States. We believe in the potential of the cannabis market and are dedicated to helping new and existing companies thrive in Texas.


Our attorneys utilize their extensive backgrounds in various industries to continuously provide direct, professional, and informed counsel. We approach legal needs and endeavors with the utmost consideration and creativity to deliver complete client satisfaction.


If you’re seeking legal advice for your cannabis business, look no further than Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC. Our experienced cannabis lawyers are ready to help you navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry, ensuring your business operates legally and successfully. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your cannabis business endeavors.