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Hemp Lawyer Chelsie Spencer Interviewed by Texas Cannabis Collective

Texas hemp lawyer Chelsie Spencer was recently interviewed by the Texas Cannabis Collective for its article “What You Need to Know about Hemp Legalization in Texas.” Texas Cannabis Collective is a Texas-based informational and educational media organization focusing on cannabis news in Texas and across the United States. In April of this year, Chelsie was…

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Texas Hemp Grower's License

Texas Hemp Grower’s License

Last night, Governor Abbot signed Texas HB 1325 (or, “Bill”) into law. HB 1325 establishes a hemp growth program here in Texas and governs manufacture and retail sale of hemp and hemp-derivative products. Because the Bill received the required vote threshold, it became effective immediately, making June 10, 2019, a historic date for Texas hemp…

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Texas HB 1325

HB 1325: Texas Hemp Products, Part II

HB 1325 (or, “Bill”) is still pending in the Texas Legislature. The Bill will allow hemp growth in Texas for licensed hemp growers and will legalize hemp products, including CBD. HB 1325 will have an impact on manufacturers of hemp-derivative products in Texas and on hemp products in Texas. Today, we review what this impact…

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HB 1325: Hemp Growth in Texas; Part I: Timing

Yesterday, the Texas House of Representatives took a historic voice vote on HB1325 (the “Bill”).  HB1325 is an act which, if passed, will permit growth of hemp as an agricultural commodity in Texas and will allow sale of hemp products in Texas. At the voice vote, Representative King offered a floor amendment making minor changes…

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Cannabis Banking

Cannabis Banking: SAFE Banking Act passes House Committee

What is one of the biggest problems facing cannabis businesses today? What to do with the money. Currently, most banks are reluctant to service cannabis businesses as such activity could threaten the bank’s charter since marijuana remains a Schedule I substance federally.  Cannabis banking is certainly a risk for a chartered bank. Cannabis businesses cannot…

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CBD trademark

CBD Trademarks: Attorney Chelsie Spencer Published

Chelsie Spencer’s article regarding the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s treatment of cannabidiol (“CBD”) and hemp-derivative goods trademark applications has been published today in The Tipsheet. To view a copy of the article on CBD trademarks, continue reading below or click here: Cannabidiol: The Disjointed Stance at the USPTO Continues. As clocks across the…

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Hemp Lawyer Chelsie Spencer

Hemp Lawyer Chelsie Spencer Featured in Forbes

Attorney Chelsie Spencer was featured in Forbes this morning for her work as a hemp lawyer in the hemp, medical marijuana, and cannabidiol industries. To read the feature article, please click here to be taken to the Forbes website: Meet the Fearless Lawyer Saving the CBD Industry.  As the article notes, “it is evident Chelsie…

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Texas Supreme Court Declines to Decide Whether ANTI-SLAPP Motion Applies in Pre-Suit Depositions in Texas

The Texas Supreme Court punted on deciding an important issue for litigants facing online defamation and disparagement in Glassdoor, Inc. v. Andra Group, LP, No. 17-0463 (Tex. January 25, 2019).   The Texas Citizens Participation Act (“TCPA”), often referred to as the Texas Anti-SLAPP law, protects the first amendment freedoms of individuals and businesses.  It…

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Chelsie Spencer featured on “Cannabis and Credit Unions: The Opportunities and Risks”

Ritter Spencer Attorney Chelsie Spencer is featured on “Cannabis and Credit Unions: The Opportunities and Risks” podcast with Robert McGarvey, who recently interviewed Ms. Spencer on issues facing credit unions seeking to service cannabis accounts. Mr. McGarvey is an expert in credit union technology and frequently covers issues affecting the credit union industry.   On…

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Trademark Lawyer Chelsie Spencer Published in TipSheet: Cannabidiol: The Disjointed Stance on the Cannabinoid at the USPTO

Trademark Lawyer Chelsie Spencer was published in the State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Section’s TipSheet Vol. 13 No. 2, discussing the USPTO’s treatment of trademark applications for goods containing cannabidiol. To view the article, continue reading below or click here. Cannabidiol: The Disjointed Stance on the Cannabinoid at the USPTO Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural phytocannibinoid…

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Bankruptcy Law Lacks Remedies for Businesses Operating in Violation of the Controlled Substances Act

Entrepreneurs start new businesses knowing they are taking certain financial risks. They recognize that their businesses may fail. Entrepreneurs also know that they can likely obtain some value from the sale, reorganization or liquidation of the failed business.  The Bankruptcy Code facilitates the ability of companies to recover the value from the assets and business…

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Infringing Conduct Originating Abroad Which Reaches the United States Can Result in Copyright Liability

If an infringing performance of licensed broadcast media reaches domestic users in the United States, can the foreign originator of the performance be held liable under the United States Copyright Act? The D.C. Circuit has answered that in the affirmative by holding that an infringing performance that originates abroad but terminates in the United States…

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Holiday Trademark Roundup

It’s time for Ritter Spencer’s first annual holiday trademark round up. During the holidays, you will see several commercials and other advertisement for holiday specific products. Many of the brands behind these advertisements protect their goods and services through federal trademark registration. Even the studios behind some of the famous and classic Christmas movies that…

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Trademarks 101: What is Trade Dress?

Continuing with our blog series covering federal trademarks, today we will be discussing trade dress. Trade dress is commonly defined as the total image or overall appearance of a product. Protectable trade dress may include design features such as color or color combinations, graphics, size, shape, and texture, among others. It is the combination of…

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