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Everything You Need to Know About The Cannabis Regulators Association

As the cannabis industry continues to experience an influx of financial opportunities, scientific studies, and legislative changes, states are coming together to share institutional knowledge and regulatory best practices. In November 2020, cannabis regulators from various states formed the Cannabis Regulators Association to provide federal lawmakers and administrative agencies with the resources needed to regulate cannabis. Since then, the national organization has made strides in cannabis-based education nationwide. Read below to learn more about the Association and how it benefits the cannabis industry. 

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home is a significant investment and involves a series of complex transactions between a buyer and seller. Both parties must survey and sign several contractual agreements to legally transfer property from one entity to another. However, it is common for buyers and sellers to need the help of an expert to navigate their closing documents. Real estate litigation attorneys work to review documents and contracts related to property sales, making the closing process easier for all parties involved. Read below to learn when to hire a real estate attorney and how Ritter Spencer Cheng can advise individuals and businesses through real estate litigation.

Types of Contract Breaches Every Business Owner Should Know About

Business owners often enter contracts in hopes of further establishing and benefiting their company. However, even the most responsible companies may experience a breach of contract. While a business might have a comprehensive understanding of the terms of an agreement and take steps to avoid litigation, business disputes can arise with only the slightest misunderstanding. 

Why Contracts Are Essential During a Recession

Every economy is cyclical, and recessions are relatively common. A recession caused by a global pandemic, however, is a reality few were prepared for. Whether a typical recession, or a worldwide economic shutdown, situations like these emphasize the importance of contracts for business owners across the country. Dallas law firm Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC helps businesses utilize contracts that safeguard your business interests and prepare your company for challenging financial situations. Discover why contracts are essential during a recession and how these documents can help protect your business.

How Standard Internet Contracts Can Harm a Business

While the internet makes our lives significantly easier, this immediate access to information has its own set of risks that can have serious consequences for businesses. Companies can easily access pre-written internet contracts that seem to have the necessary requirements for a simple agreement. However, these templates leave businesses vulnerable to costly litigation in the future. Learn about the risks of standard internet contracts and work with the Texas contract law experts at Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC.

Construction Lien Claims and the Coronavirus

As the economy continues to recover from the global coronavirus pandemic, property managers and contractors must find ways to ensure they fulfill their contracts and receive payment for their work. While contractors may once have been paid easily and on time after a project, current financial situations complicate payments for construction workers. Construction lien claims are legal tools used to ensure contractors and subcontractors are properly compensated for the work they complete on a project, but the complexity of the Covid-19 pandemic makes this more difficult. Read below to learn more and discover how the Dallas law firm Ritter Spencer Cheng helps individuals or businesses file a construction lien claim.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Airtight Contracts

Nearly 90% of all U.S. companies are involved in litigation at any given time, and cases related to contract disputes are the most active areas of litigation. The frequency of contract dispute litigation is partially due to the prevalence of generic contracts that leave businesses vulnerable to conflict with employees or partners. If you are a business owner, read below to learn why a Texas business lawyer should review your contracts to better protect your business.