How Standard Internet Contracts Can Harm a Business

While the internet makes our lives significantly easier, this immediate access to information has its own set of risks that can have serious consequences for businesses. Companies can easily access pre-written internet contracts that seem to have the necessary requirements for a simple agreement. However, these templates leave businesses vulnerable to costly litigation in the future. Learn about the risks of standard internet contracts and work with the Texas contract law experts at Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC.

Vague language can leave companies vulnerable.

As standard form contracts are general documents by nature, various companies may take a contract from the internet and use it for their business. While convenient, this ease comes with a price. Vague language without specific clauses for an individual business defeats the purpose of these agreements and can lead to costly breach of contract lawsuits. A lack of specificity in contract language leaves room for parties to find fault in situations that may have been resolved by a well-drafted contract. A legally binding agreement should be drafted with language that protects each unique company from the risks most closely related to that industry. Businesses can work with the team of contract dispute lawyers at Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC to be confident in the validity of their contracts.

Inapplicable or contradictory terms can lead to confusion.

While most standard form internet contracts feature vague language to appeal to as many businesses as possible, these documents may be drafted by inexperienced individuals and contain errors. Many internet contracts are made with severe mistakes and may include inapplicable or even contradictory terms, leading to unnecessary confusion for both parties and may result in expensive contract claims. Rather than addressing these costly contract disputes as they occur, companies should invest in well-written, specific contracts that help avoid litigation in the future. The experienced team of Texas business lawyers at Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC works with a wide range of companies to draft and negotiate contracts or address existing breach of contract lawsuits.

Tailored contracts are better for businesses and employees.

Often, one or both parties sign a contract without reading it in its entirety to expedite the process. This lack of understanding of what the contract actually states harms both businesses and employees, as neither party fully comprehends the agreement they are entering into. A tailored contract with specific clauses and language ensures companies fully understand the agreement and know that they have reduced their risk of future contract litigation. It may feel burdensome and costly to hire a corporate attorney to review or draft a contract, but this proactive measure protects businesses from more expensive consequences in the future.

Despite the ease and availability of standard internet contracts, many businesses experience more harm than benefits as a result of these documents. Well-written and negotiated agreements prevent contract disputes from arising and improve relations between companies and employees. Work with the Dallas law firm of Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC to ensure your business utilizes documents that adhere to Texas contract law. Contact us today if your company has questions about contract drafting, contract negotiations, or breach of contract lawsuits.