Mexico Publishes Regulations Regarding Marijuana For Medical Use

In early January, Mexico published regulations for the legal use of medical marijuana, marking a significant move forward in the cannabis space. This is a substantial step in cannabis reform for Mexico and will have a notable impact on the rest of the world as well. While some feel these regulations were long overdue, Mexico’s Ministry of Health’s rules were signed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. 

What Do Mexico’s Regulations for Medical Marijuana Say?

Mexico’s new regulations for medical marijuana focuses on research and cannabis production for pharmaceutical purposes. These rules issue guidance on public and private research and provide information regarding quality control and good manufacturing practices. The regulations state that Mexican companies that want to execute research must obtain exclusive permission from the Mexican health regulator, the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (“COFEPRIS”). Additionally, the medical marijuana regulations maintain that research must be performed in independent laboratories in a strictly controlled environment. 

Though there is ample language discussing public research, these rules do not target and promote civilian cannabis growth. There are extremely stringent standards for the regulation and monitoring of procedures, and it seems clear that the Mexican government aims more to provide pharmaceutical companies with the ability to produce derivative products of cannabis. These are products that would need substantial control and supervision, as well as prescriptions. 

Mexico’s regulations for medical marijuana also discuss rules for the sowing, cultivation, and harvesting of cannabis for medicinal purposes, which enables business entities to legally grow compliant marijuana in Mexican soil. 

What is the State of Marijuana Legislation in Mexico?

Currently, and as of the release of these medical marijuana regulations, marijuana for medicinal use is fully legal in Mexico. Exports of Mexican-grown cannabis is strictly prohibited, but some imports are permitted to allow businesses to create medical marijuana products. Mexican citizens and foreigners are allowed to travel throughout the country with legally obtained medical marijuana products, which opens opportunities for cannabis tourism. However, recreational marijuana is still in the process of legalization, and lawmakers seem to be in the final stages of completing this endeavor. The deadline of April 2021 still holds for legislation on adult-use, recreational marijuana.

What Does This Mean For the Marijuana Industry?

Due to Mexico’s population size, these regulations pave the way for what will be the world’s largest national cannabis market. Additionally, after years of drug-related violence and extremely negative connotations, government participation and regulation speaks volumes of the country’s progress. This is a monumental step forward on a global level toward cannabis reform. 

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