Possession of Cannabis in Texas

As the legalization of cannabis evolves across the United States, it can be hard to keep track of the varying state laws regarding cannabis. While some states continue to foreclose efforts to legalize cannabis, progress continues to be made in state-level legalization.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCPossession of Cannabis in Texas
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When to Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney

Protecting intellectual property helps ensure the business owner maintains the rights to a unique idea, good, or service. Without this protection, a competitor may steal a popular product, or an inventor could lose credit for their product. Sometimes, creators need extra legal help when protecting their intellectual property. An intellectual property lawyer like those at Ritter Spencer can help investors avoid confusion when navigating intellectual property protection. Before legally documenting intellectual property or hiring a lawyer, it is good to understand what category it falls under and the extent of its protection. 

Ritter Spencer, PLLCWhen to Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney
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Everything You Need to Know about Trademark Licensing

Business owners have several options to safeguard their brand. While profiting from sales through a third party, many opt to employ trademark licensing to legally protect their goods and services while trusting a third party to manufacture or sell the brand. With years of experience in various industries, the trademark attorneys at Ritter Spencer are well-versed in trademark law and can successfully guide businesses through the trademark registration or licensing process. Below, we offer answers to basic questions regarding trademark licensing to provide further insight for anyone considering this avenue.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCEverything You Need to Know about Trademark Licensing
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4 Ways Cannabis Companies Can Protect Their Intellectual Property

As the state-sanctioned medical and recreational use of cannabis continues to grow in the United States, so does competition. To stand out in this industry, companies need to build brand recognition or develop novel products. Therefore, intellectual property protection should be a major focus for cannabis companies. Cannabis-based businesses need to safeguard their brand identity through intellectual property protection. Using IP protections like trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, business owners can effectively shield their brand from potential IP infringement. Read below to learn how cannabis companies can protect their creative assets and how Ritter Spencer can help preserve intellectual property.

Ritter Spencer, PLLC4 Ways Cannabis Companies Can Protect Their Intellectual Property
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Everything You Need to Know About Quantum Meruit, Unjust Enrichment, and Promissory Estoppel

Service providers and recipients alike should understand the nuances of contract law, especially regarding unspoken agreements and remedies for a breach. Without an official contract, a quasi-contract forms between two parties based on mutual understanding. In this case, if unfair enrichment occurs on the recipient’s side, the service provider may seek remedy through a quantum meruit, unjust enrichment, or promissory estoppel.

These three remedies are for quasi-contractual agreements where the service provider feels that the recipient unjustly benefitted without compensation. Understanding the difference between the three is crucial, and both business owners and their customers should be aware of why an official contract simplifies the entire process. Read below to understand the basics of quantum meruit, unjust enrichment, and promissory estoppel.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCEverything You Need to Know About Quantum Meruit, Unjust Enrichment, and Promissory Estoppel
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Common Legal Issues in the Workplace

Employers must understand what is considered legal in the workplace to respect their employees and operate successfully. As a law firm that practices business and corporate law, Ritter Spencer is well-versed in the rules that govern a place of employment. With help from an experienced attorney, business owners can avoid common legal issues in the workplace and maintain a decent corporate reputation. Read below to learn more. 

Ritter Spencer, PLLCCommon Legal Issues in the Workplace
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The Best Structure for Your Business

Starting a business requires an appropriate structure to operate effectively and legally. Individuals or companies should adopt the business plan that makes the most sense for them, whether that is based on divergent tax policies or appropriate liability protection. 

Ritter Spencer, PLLCThe Best Structure for Your Business
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How Standard Internet Contracts Can Harm a Business

While the internet makes our lives significantly easier, this immediate access to information has its own set of risks that can have serious consequences for businesses. Companies can easily access pre-written internet contracts that seem to have the necessary requirements for a simple agreement. However, these templates leave businesses vulnerable to costly litigation in the future. Learn about the risks of standard internet contracts and work with the Texas contract law experts at Ritter Spencer PLLC.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCHow Standard Internet Contracts Can Harm a Business
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Benefits of a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)

A variety of different business structures exist to offer owners higher degrees of flexibility and organization within their company. Deciding on a business’s structure is one of the most important decisions a business owner makes, as it impacts everything from taxes to daily internal operations. Read below to learn about one of the most popular structures–a limited liability company, or LLC. 

Ritter Spencer, PLLCBenefits of a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)
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