What To Look For In A Hemp Lawyer

As the cannabis, hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD) industries continue to boom, legal cannabis businesses often find themselves in need of legal counsel. But how do you choose a hemp lawyer? The answer may depend on your specific situation. However, there are a few critical things to look for in a cannabis or hemp attorney. Below, we break down three key characteristics to help you identify an experienced hemp lawyer for all of your legal cannabis, hemp, or CBD needs. 

Diverse Cannabis Knowledge, Experience, and Activity

A competent hemp lawyer displays a diverse knowledge of the industry with demonstrated experience and activity in hemp and cannabis-related fields. Hemp lawyers should have an extensive understanding of the rules and regulations of the cannabis and hemp industries at the federal and state levels and should exhibit an in-depth knowledge of several types of cannabis businesses, including dispensaries, growers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and more. If litigation may be necessary, litigation experience in the hemp or cannabis industries is beneficial. Additionally, some of the best hemp lawyers are active in hemp and cannabis communities. A hemp/cannabis attorney who often advocates, presents, and writes on pressing issues facing the hemp and cannabis markets offers valuable connections and relevant industry-specific expertise.

Versatile Practice Areas

As cannabis law is relatively new, most hemp lawyers also have significant experience in other areas of legal practice. Much of hemp, cannabis, and CBD law has roots in business law, so a lawyer with a transactional and/or litigation background in business, commercial, and/or intellectual property, including trademark law, is often favorable. Many of the potential issues a hemp or cannabis business may face involve these practice areas or other similar fields indirectly related to hemp and cannabis. For example, a contract dispute between a hemp producer and an extraction facility is still a breach of contract dispute; however, it helps to have an attorney knowledgeable in the standard practices, trades, and vernacular used in the hemp and cannabis industries. 

Objectivity and Trustworthiness 

Most importantly, you need to choose a hemp lawyer that you can trust and that will best represent and advocate for your interests. Because there are many experienced hemp and cannabis attorneys across the United States, you should not have to retain an attorney to become competent, or to get up to speed, in hemp and/or cannabis law. When dealing with the complexities of hemp and cannabis law, it is essential to establish a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect between you and your hemp lawyer.

Chelsie Spencer is described in Forbes Magazine as a “rare friendly face in the midst of a cutthroat CBD hurricane, the person you want on speed dial when things turn sour.” Hemp lawyer Chelsie Spencer is committed to providing legal services and support to a wide range of cannabis businesses. As an experienced attorney in several practice areas, Chelsie frequently handles matters in medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD, in addition to litigation and transactional issues in commercial and intellectual property law, including copyrights and trademarks. She is licensed in both Texas and Florida, and she has tried numerous cases to verdict in both state and federal courts. Contact Ritter Spencer Cheng or give us a call at 214.295.5070 for more information.