Holiday Trademark Roundup

It’s time for Ritter Spencer Cheng’s first annual holiday trademark round up. During the holidays, you will see several commercials and other advertisement for holiday specific products. Many of the brands behind these advertisements protect their goods and services through federal trademark registration. Even the studios behind some of the famous and classic Christmas movies that you watch have trademarked the goods and services related to their movies and characters. By owning a trademark, trademark owners can exclude others from using a confusingly similar name that may lead to consumer confusion.

Our Dallas trademark attorneys have searched the United States Patent and Trademark Office records to locate some of the many registered Christmas and holiday trademarks. Without further ado, here are some of the top Christmas trademarks we located:

REINDEER ON THE ROOF, U.S. Reg No. 4001835. This trademark covers a Plush reindeer toy, toy house and children’s journal.

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS! Dr. Seuss Enterprises owns a family of trademarks for the famous mean green Grinch, including Reg. Nos. 5127298 and 5207628. The Grinch’s trademark registrations cover everything from clothing, candy, toys, books, movies, and more.

Speaking of famous Christmas movies, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. owns another line of trademarks for THE POLAR EXPRESS, including Registrations No. 4597205, 4687999, 4663857, and 4890223. THE POLAR EXPRESS trademarks cover goods ranging from ornaments, metal bells, passenger train transport, clothing, and more.

CHRISTMAS BLEND STARBUCKS COFFEE, U.S. Registration No. 1683125 for ground and whole bean coffee is owned by the Starbucks Corporation. If you have been in a Starbucks lately, you have probably noticed this trademarked brand name in stores.

Time Warner Entertainment Company holds Reg. No 2447289 for FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, covering children’s books.

RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, U.S. Reg. No. 1309723, is owned by the RUDOLPH COMPANY. The trademark covers goods ranging from film strips with or without sounds, coloring and activity books, toys, ornaments, puzzles and more.

CRISP KRINGLE, US Reg. No. 1190860, covers candy and is owned by the R. M. Palmer Company Corporation.

Other registered Christmas trademarks include HOLLY JOLLY for Greeting Cards (Reg. No. 2767167); SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDE, a tea registered by Celestial Seasonings (Reg. No. 3220838); FELIZ NAVIDAD (Reg. No. 2110814) for coffee beans whole and ground coffee, coffee drinks, namely, blended and unblended coffees, flavored coffees, organically grown coffees and caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees; and MOSCOW BALLET’S GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER (Reg. No. 2991133) for cds, dvds, clothing, live ballet performances and more.

The trademark team at Ritter Spencer Cheng wishes you a happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas! If you have a trademark that you would like to register, contact our trademark attorneys at or 214-295-5070.