When to Hire a Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney

Business disputes are often unavoidable in today’s competitive economic environment. From disagreements about contracts to issues with investments, these conflicts vary in levels of severity and how costly they are. Business litigation attorneys work collaboratively with companies to address these disputes and produce the best result for their clients. However, the variety of these disputes make it difficult for a business owner to know when to bring in an attorney to handle a conflict. Read below to learn when to hire a business litigation attorney and how the Dallas law firm of Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC can advise companies through business litigation.

A dispute occurs with customers or creditors.

Even the most successful companies have disagreements with their customers or creditors as a result of conducting business in a competitive environment. However, these conflicts occasionally become serious for companies if an entity moves forward with litigation regarding commercial contracts or trade disputes. An experienced business litigation lawyer works with a company to navigate this litigation process and advises on the best resolution strategy. Additionally, many of these disputes are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC, and these regulations differ from state to state. A range of companies partners with the Dallas commercial business litigation attorneys at Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC to determine the best course of action for a dispute with customers or creditors.

An investment is not returned as promised.

In some cases, investors’ funds may be protected if their investments are not returned as promised, or they may suffer portfolio losses. Securities laws in certain states allow investors to seek liability from the individuals who sold them the investments or from the issuers of the investments themselves. These cases are handled by various agencies across the country, and these agencies cannot always manage the caseload in a timely manner. Businesses who believe they have been the victim in a securities transaction should work with an experienced business litigation attorney to navigate this complex process and work towards a favorable outcome.

A conflict may require arbitration or mediation.

Arbitration and mediation, also known as alternative dispute resolution or ADR, may be an effective avenue to resolve conflicts privately and out of the court system. In arbitration and mediation, a business litigation attorney facilitates a case and typically achieves a resolution more quickly than if it went through the court system. Certain contracts may even require parties to go through arbitration rather than taking a case to court. Both arbitration and mediation are more private and generally achieve a faster result than going through the courts. A business litigation attorney can recommend the right course of action for your business and guide you through the process of ADR to achieve the best possible outcome for your company.

For businesses located in Texas, a Dallas commercial business litigation attorney may be the key to resolving your company’s disputes quickly and easily. The Dallas law firm of Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC has a team of experienced business litigation lawyers who prioritize favorable outcomes for our clients. Contact our team today!