Construction Lien Claims and the Coronavirus

As the economy continues to recover from the global coronavirus pandemic, property managers and contractors must find ways to ensure they fulfill their contracts and receive payment for their work. While contractors may once have been paid easily and on time after a project, current financial situations complicate payments for construction workers. Construction lien claims are legal tools used to ensure contractors and subcontractors are properly compensated for the work they complete on a project, but the complexity of the Covid-19 pandemic makes this more difficult. Read below to learn more and discover how the Dallas law firm Ritter Spencer helps individuals or businesses file a construction lien claim.

Ritter Spencer, PLLCConstruction Lien Claims and the Coronavirus
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Landlords and Tenants in Texas: How Do Coronavirus Emergency Orders Impact My Rent?

Rent is generally due at the first of the month. Many landlords are undoubtedly concerned that their clients will not pay rent this month and for good reason. The country has unprecedented numbers of unemployed individuals, and many businesses are closed, from restaurants and bars to after-school programs and malls. Government programs have been enacted, but the money from those programs will take at least a few weeks to be paid to individual and commercial tenants. Dallas-based lawyer, David Ritter, explains what this means for landlords and tenants in Texas. 

Ritter Spencer, PLLCLandlords and Tenants in Texas: How Do Coronavirus Emergency Orders Impact My Rent?
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